A Little "Viddy" for Your Business

Matt Haskell, May 01, 2012

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made waves simply by posting a fifteen-second clip of his dog on the Internet. Man, what is the world coming to? Why should you care? Well, after Facebook acquired Instagram for what equated to a billion dollars in April, any sort of venture capitalism by Mr. Zuckerberg is met with extreme scrutiny and anticipation. The site he posted this clip of his hungry dog is Viddy (below), and it stands the chance to be the next darling for businesses advertising on the Web.


Like Instagram, a network that still proves enigmatic to businesses hoping to harness it, Viddy allows users to generate content and use various video filters to make it seem artistic. This ideal is at the core of why Instagram is a huge success: any picture can look vintage, artsy or edgy simply by applying a preset filter, and suddenly you are the next Annie Liebowitz! Before and after pictures take on a whole new meaning with Instagram. Viddy takes the "a picture is worth a thousand words" adage and knocks it out of the park. People want videos in digestible lengths, that are artistically formatted and instantly shareable with friends. Viddy brings all of these features to the table

According to a recent report in the New York Times, Viddy is at 15 Million users and is adding 300,000 users a day. As marketers, we preach that video has to a be a core part of a marketing strategy, so why not start out in 15-second chunks. The average attention span of a human is nine seconds long anyhow, so why not trust that our creativity can capture the remaining six! Businesses try to leverage every hot new social site (see Pinterest, Google Plus...) but need the framework to do so.  Here are some ideas:

  • There isn't technically a "business" page (yet) for Viddy so get started by naming a personal profile with your business' name
  • Invite customers to give fifteen second testimonials and share them with your page
  • Film quick tips and tricks. Think of Viddy as a Tweet that you can set via video
  • Introduce members of your working team in fifteen-second bursts
  • Show your brick and mortar locations
  • Show product teasers and demo previews
  • Re-purpose existing videos or PowerPoints using mobile phone recording
  • Create a series of videos that users tune in to tell the story of your brand or company

Quick! You only have fifteen seconds, but you can make it count! Perhaps Viddy will be the next billion dollar acquisition, but don't get left in the dust in the meantime!



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